5mx CompactFlash issues

News - 1999.10.07
- Further users added to user list

News - 1999.10.03
- Further users added to user list

News - 1999.10.01
- Further documentation of the "Random" soft resets problem
- Test program which you can download to test your CF card for "Random" soft reset problem
- Format "time out" error screenshot added

News - 1999.09.30
- Further users added to user list
- Format "time out" error documented

News - 1999.09.29
- Users added to user list
- Symbian are now trying to obtain similar cards in order to test issues concerned

This series of pages is dedicated to the documentation of CompactFlash issues on the Psion Series 5mx, as well as any solutions or recommendations to solve the associated problems.

It has been well known within the comp.sys.psion.misc newsgroup that there are problems with CompactFlash cards with the Series 5mx. The main issues concern the problem that the CompactFlash card works perfectly with a "classic" Series 5, while experiences errors with the Series 5mx.

Contacting me

Please send any information you have about any CompactFlash card problems to me, and I will add your problems to the issues index and I will add your name to the list of users with problems.
This web site will be available for perusal by Symbian/Psion and relevant parties and these problems will hopefully be resolved.

5mx CompactFlash issues index

Other pages

5mx CompactFlash solutions/ideas
At the moment, no solutions have been suggested by any relevant party.
However, some suggestions have been made, and these suggestions are detailed here.

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