CF Reset Test OPO

The Series 5mx is prone to apparently random soft resets from time to time. This has been localised to problems due to directories being created or copied to a CF card (see further documentation here).

You can download this program in a ZIP file. Just copy it using Psiwin to your 5mx, and then run it. Ensure you have no running programs/documents on your 5mx and then run the program.

It will automatically do file creation on the CF card, and then will ask you to switch off then to switch on again. This should then be followed by a "random" soft reset.

The source code is included in the ZIP file so that it can be proven that this is due to new directories being created and then new files being put into the new directories.

Use this program entirely at your own risk - this should be an easy method to tell whether your CF card is suffering from the aforementioned "random" soft resets problem.

Please let me know if the program does cause a soft reset by contacting me.

Download this program here (2Kb)


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