5mx CompactFlash issues - possible ideas

This section contains possible ideas as to the problems that may cause the issues detailed on the main page.

It has been suggested that there may be a problem with the speed of the CompactFlash card in question as it may not be able to keep up with the speed of the Series 5mx. This may be the cause of the "time out" error when formatting that has been reported when using the normal System format.

Another suggestion has been that there is a problem with the ER5 File Server (F32) that is used on the 5mx. This may have been changed significantly between ER3 on the "classic" Series 5 and ER5 on the Series 5mx, therefore causing the problems.

The "random" reset problem has been documented for the first time on this site and I would appreciate it if you would try to reproduce this problem on your Series 5mx. This problem is surely a bug, and does not occur on the Series 5.

If you have any more ideas, contact me at alex@skilton.net.


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