"Random" resets

The Series 5mx is prone to apparently random soft resets from time to time.

I have finally managed to isolate the problem which causes these "random" soft resets. I have managed to replicate this problem continuously.

Essentially, the "random" soft resets are caused when:

  • A directory is created on the D: drive (as long as there is already another directory present in the root)
  • A file is created in that directory
  • The 5mx is switched off
  • The 5mx is switched on

This may cause your 5mx to reset, which means that you suffer from this problem.

Download the CF Reset Test program from the downloads page in order to test your card.

The symptoms of the soft reset are as follows (after the 5mx is switched on again):

The machine will display the screen quickly and then promptly soft reset accompanied by the a falling scale "triple beep" (which you can hear by clicking 3beep.wav). Reset information is as shown above in the screenshot.

No solution is yet known for this problem.


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