Converter 2.45

FREEWARE conversion utility

Rated 5/5 Cows at PsionKing

Given a PsionPlace Best Award

Converter is a program that will convert between hundreds of different units from the common to the obscure. It is completely FREE, but I would appreciate an e-mail to tell me of possible improvements, bugs or comments. Please register with your name and e-mail (optional) for free after downloading so that we can inform you of updates.

Latest Features:
Cascading menus
Fully cascading menus (like the Windows Start Menu) - for easy browsing of conversion choices
Customisable currency list
Select which currencies you want to appear in the currency list in the currency conversion module - saves you from scrolling through 70 currencies! - Now has added "Back" and "Next" buttons

Installation instructions - just double click on the SIS file while your Psion is connected and let the program take over ...

Suitable for Psion Series 5 or other EPOC 32 devices - Freeware

Requires INSTEXE.EXE to be installed on Psion if you do not have PsiWin 2.1 or greater

Download it now (ZIP format - 34kb)

Download version 2.46ß now (ZIP format - 40kb)

New features in 2.46ß ...

  • Text2EBCDIC
  • CDVT calculations
  • Cascading menu improvement
  • Fractional inch lengths
  • Other bug fixes (Power bug etc.)


Screenshots ...